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Honey from your neighborhood

We only sell honey harvested from hives hosted around the metro New Orleans area and our honey is labelled with the neighborhood from which the honey was collected.  What is more local than honey from your own neighborhood?


Keeping bees today is a challenge.  And especially treatment free beekeeping.  But at beeNOLA we're focused on producing the best, most wholesome product possible.  

While most people are aware of the mass commercial spraying of chemicals, many people are not aware that most large commercial and many smaller beekeepers treat their hives with miticides, fungicides, antibiotics and other chemicals in attempt to artificially keep damaging pests and pathogens at bay.  In fact, the largest measurable amount of unnatural chemicals found in bee hives today has been introduced by the beekeepers themselves.  You won't find that at beeNOLA.


The honey from beeNOLA is as close to the hive as possible without excessive processing.  Most large commercial branded honey producers heat treat and ultra filter their honey to reduce cloudiness and crystallization. But heating honey breaks down the natural enzymes added by the bees and the natural floral aromatics found in the nectar collected by the bees. 

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